Lifelong Jersey resident Michael Conroy has been passionate about photography since his father first took him to NYC as a young boy. Seeing his father's hobby in photography birthed in him a desire to want to capture and share his own views of the world around him. Buying his first camera at 12 he never looked back.  His unique approach to each shoot and style ranges from lifestyle, editorial, portraiture, fashion, street, real-estate you name it, he'll shoot it. He feels most at home just having a model to create and collaborate with and letting the narrative write itself. Whether in the studio or on location you'll find him vigorously working to create the best look, lighting and feel for every photograph.

"I want my photographs to have a feel, almost a presence about them. I'd like people to see the story in each photo. Who I work with in front of the camera is just as important to the creative process as what goes on behind the camera. It's a very unique relationship between the subject and the photographer. It's a give and take. I strive to have that dynamic show in every photo.  I find very few things in life more satisfying then going through my creative pursuits in photography and capturing that perfect shot."

                                                                               - Michael J Conroy, Jr.